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Item-No Volume Equipment Packing unit
87360.36 LTwist-stopper6/480
87650.65 LTwist-stopper6/288
87101.0 LTwist-stopper6/210
87151.5 LTwist-stopper6/168
87202.0 LTwist-stopper6/144

Details:  strong glass inset
Material:  ABS
Surface:  high gloss
Colors:  white

product overview

Twist-stopper 0,65L
Order-Nr: 8765-white
Twist-stopper 1,5L
Order-Nr: 8715-white
Twist-stopper 2L
Order-Nr: 8720-white

Twist-stopper 0,36L
Order-Nr: 8736-white
Twist-stopper 1L
Order-Nr: 8710-white

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