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Concord 1 L Flat white
Concord 1 L Flat white - white
Push Detail
Item-No Volume Equipment Packing unit
91750.5 LTwist-stopper12/336
91651.0 LTwist-stopper12/336
91661.0 LPush-stopper12/336
91851.5 LTwist-stopper6/168

Details:  Strong glass inset
Material:  PP
Surface:  high gloss
Colors:  white, red, dark blue, black
 white  red  dark blue  black 

This version of our modell "CONOCRD" represents the classical design in traditional colors.
The 1 L Thermo-Jug (Twist- and Push-stopper) is available in 4 different colors.
The two other sizes only in white color.

Product overview

Pic Nr. 1
Twist-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9165-black
Pic Nr. 2
Twist-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9165-dark blue
Pic Nr. 3
Twist-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9165-red
Pic Nr. 4
Twist-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9165-white
Pic Nr. 5
Push-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9166-black
Pic Nr. 6
Push-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9166-dark blue
Pic Nr. 7
Push-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9166-red
Pic Nr. 8
Push-stopper FLAT 1L
Order-Nr: 9166-white
Pic Nr. 9
Twist-stopper FLAT 0,5L
Order-Nr: 9175-white
Pic Nr. 10
Twist-stopper FLAT 1,5L
Order-Nr: 9185-white

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